Shoreland: Socks Suited for Scrabbling over Rocks Splashing through Tide Pools Staring at the Sea or Whatever else Tickles your Fancy


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I swore I wasn't going to do this. I wasn't going to be that tiresome person who moves somewhere pretty and then drones endlessly on about the sea and the sky and the light and how it s all a bit magic.
Because that's insufferable. Worse yet, it's boring. No one wants to hear that (just like no one really wants to hear about the odd dream you had last night).
But the fact remains that I did move somewhere I absolutely adore. And I am spending frankly alarming amounts of time staring out the window and sighing and thinking how lovely it all is (or skidding around on slippery rocks, twisting my ankles, scraping my knuckles, and earning new freckles, depending on the day). It would be silly to think this place isn't finding its way into my knitting.
These are the socks this magical place has inspired me to create!
Inside you'll find seven thoughtfully designed, top down sock patterns. Each one uses charts and each works beautifully with your favorite hand dyed yarns. They're all written in three or four sizes and for both fingering and DK weight yarn (because thick socks are extra cozy). And if you check inside the back cover of the book, you'll find a download code that will let you put an electronic version of the book in your ravelry library.
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