Carry C Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Set


Brand Tulip

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Tulip's Carry C Bamboo Interchangeable is the best bamboo set on the market. Each part of this kit is made in Japan to the most exacting standards from the highest grade bamboo, with a smooth rotary join to prevent twisting and an internal rubber ring to keep the connection secure–no need to tighten your needles with a paper clip. Each needle has a polished natural wax finish.

Each set includes a case and accessories as well! Included in each set: 11 Bamboo Needle Pairs (US 3-13), 3 cables (16, 24, 32 inch), 1 connector, 6 stoppers, 2 tapestry needles, 1 needle gauge with built in yarn cutter, and soft case.

Case measures 5.5"h x 6.75"w closed.