July 4, 2015 marks three things important to me: Independence Day, nine years of calling Georgia home, and the beginning of Tour de Fleece!

I am partaking in Tour de Fleece for the first time, as I've finally learned how to spin. I've had my spinning wheel—an Ashford Kiwi 2—since February, and I finally learned how to use it a few Saturdays ago thanks to one of our favorite store regulars, Elke. The first thing she taught me about my wheel was that she really really really needed oil. 

You're probably thinking, "What's Tour de Fleece? Uh, don't you mean Tour de France?"

And yes, July 4 also marks the beginning of some famous bicycling event that happens in France. Yarn spinners ripped off those guys and created their own wheel (or spindle) spinning event, Tour de Fleece, during which we spin on the days they ride bikes, rest on the days they rest, and don victorious yellow clothing on the last day. 

So I have 21 days of spinning ahead of me. To be honest, I don't know if I have enough fiber stashed away to last me that long. In the last two weeks, I've learned I really love spinning, and can and will spend hours treadling away at my wheel. 

I do however, have an idea of what I'd like to spin, improve upon, and experiment with. I want to

  • Spin thinner, more consistent singles (end goal: comfy handknit sock)
  • Intentionally thick-and-thin and slubby art yarns
  • Spin a crepe yarn
  • Spin a Hawser-plied yarn, preferably using multiple colors
  • Spin an opposing-plied yarn
  • Spin a boucle yarn
  • Spin a basic 4-ply cable yarn
  • Experiment with core spinning
  • Spin alpaca, llama, silk, other non-wool fibers

So, who else is doing Tour de Fleece this year? What are your goals?

July 04, 2015 — Samantha Shah
Tags: spinning

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