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After spending an unmentionable amount of time on trying to figure out what my first post would be about, I threw my hands up in the air and said...I give up...let's knit!

I find it much easier to talk about things I like and love. One of those things happens to be knitting. I presume you and I have something in common since that's how you ended up stumbling upon this little corner of the interwebs. This blog is dedicated all things yarn. All things pretty. And all things I love. 

At the moment, I am currently loving Madeline Tosh's Pashmina. It's soft, silky, shiny, and you would be amazed how many times you can rip out your project and cast on, rip out, cast on, rip out...rinse, lather and repeat. Pashmina is a perfect blend of silk, cashmere, and superwash merino and it knits up like a dream. And the colors...you find one that you like, then another, and oh what about that blue one...it's like you have to leave a trail of bread crumbs to come back to the first color you originally liked. After spending two hours looking at the color ways, you're lucky if you can walk out of the yarn shop with just one color and one project. So once you've picked out the perfect color, you need to find the most perfect pattern for this perfect yarn. You know you have found this perfect pattern when your heart leaps out of your chest, you can't wait to cast on (even without doing your gauge swatch...yes...I know, it happens to the best of us), all you want to do is spend time knitting, and sometimes, you can hear little birds singing. Please insert a Pepe le Peu heart for eyes picture here. Upon eyeing Thoreau, a grassy green tossed in with a golden yellow, my hunt for the perfect pattern began. (Thoreau has since been discontinued...I feel I have literally made out like a bandit with my glorious four skeins.)

For me, Norah Gaughan can do no wrong. She has designed for Berroco and Loops-London, she teaches, and creates the most timeless sweater patterns that you will wear for eons to come. Just cool, clean, structured cable patterns that you want to throw on and spend all day in. 

Enter Parlan. My perfect pattern. 

A cozy cabled turtle neck sweater to keep you warm on chilly knits. Fortunately, it gets a little chilly in Atlanta so this sweater will serve its' stylish purpose. I just cast on a few days ago and have had a blast knitting up this pattern. The pattern is well written and easy to understand, something knitters are fans of. I've gotten through a few pattern repeats and I am really enjoying knitting this sweater.


February 04, 2016 — Maansi Shah

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