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Sorrel Sweater Kits


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This kit is assembled for you to knit the Sorrel Sweater by Wool and Pine. It includes a 4 color fade on Simple Sock and a co-ordinating Mohair/Silk that ties everything together. The Sorrel Sweater pattern is available on Ravelry. Please reference your pattern, or check the photos to the left and order the appropriate amount of yarn you will need for your desired size Keep in mind that those yardages will vary depending on where you choose to place your fade. You will receive 4 skeins of the coordinating mohair with 4 full skeins of the variegated sock yarns

Kit 5 (BLUE) Contains the following colors-
Color 1: Belize
Color 2:Tidepool
Color 3: Lily
Color 4: Sarcelle
Mohair/Silk: Sarcelle
Kit 1 (ORANGE) Contains the following colors-
Color 1: Secret Garden
Color 2: Rose Gold
Color 3: Bonfire
Color 4: Cinnamon
Mohair/Silk: Cinnamon