Kim McBrien Evans - Secrets from the Skein: What your yarn forgot to tell you!


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Date: Sept 15th, 2023

Time: 12:00-2:00pm

Hand dyed yarns seduce us with their beauty, but are often challenging to work with. But once the honeymoon is over and you’re knitting your project, all its secrets rise to the surface. What is your hand dyed yarn REALLY telling you, and how can you best use it in your next project? We’ll explore: • What kinds of projects are best suited for different dyeing styles • Identify different dyeing styles and how to “read” your yarn • The myth of the “dye lot” • How to easily and effectively alternate skeins for larger projects

Homework: A portion of this class will be dedicated to YOUR yarns. To help us solve your yarn mysteries, send Kim photos of yarns in your stash that confound you. Each yarn needs 2 photos: - one of the yarn in the skein - one of the yarn with the skein untwisted and laid out flat.