Kim McBrien Evans - In Stiches Class


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 Date: Sept 16th, 2023

Time: 11:00-1:00pm

In Stitches Stitch patterns create our favourite textures in our knits, and should be as unique as we are. Let’s develop a library of personalized stitch patterns, by expanding and contracting, manipulating and warping common stitch patterns. Learn how to adapt a favourite pattern to best suit a garment, scarf or shawl. Learn how to plan, map out or improvise a stitch pattern to travel in a dynamic way across your knits and how to incorporate it into newly increased or decreased stitches. **Note: this is a theory class that includes some playing with yarn. No specific project will  be created, but many many evil plans will emerge!

Homework: Gather 1 or 2 stitch patterns that you love to work with. Send those examples to Kim so we can look at them together in class. Email: What to Bring: • Needles and yarn: light coloured yarn. DK or worsted yarns will make it easier to see stitch patterns • Stitch markers, cable needle and any other knitting tools you commonly use • Graph paper (here is a printable version: https:// grid-portrait-letter-1-noindex) • Pencil and eraser •Tags or paper to label samples