Crochet 101 with Tori


This three-class series covers the basics of crochet, including making foundation chains, basic stitches, yarn choice, and finishing.

Each class is 90 minutes long. 

Please call us at 678-909-4963 to get scheduled for your class.

All classes must be taken in a one year span. After one year, classes expire.

For classes, a 24 hour cancellation notification must be given. If not, an $8 fee will be added to each rescheduled class. For any no-show appointments, class will be forfeited by customer if no notice is given before 24 hours of scheduled class. 

Classes are taught by Tori.

Continue to learn more about Tori!!

Hello, I’m Tori! I was born near Atlantic City, New Jersey, but moved to Las Vegas, Nevada when I was five. To this day, I prefer the clear, blue skies and the majestic mountains of the Mojave Desert.

I learned to crochet with my Ba Noi (“grandma” in Vietnamese) when I was in elementary school. She would make these beautiful purses and doilies I could use whenever I played “House” with my younger brother. However, I didn’t start crocheting seriously until I started my undergraduate studies. I enjoy making amigurumi, beanies, and other wearable items. While I don’t have much experience creating my own patterns, I like experimenting with the patterns I find.

I’m excited to share my love of crochet with you!