This Just In-PomPom Quarterly Summer 2016

The newest PomPom has landed! And I think you'll be captivated by each and every pattern. I've already bombarded you guys with tons of pattern ideas to keep you busy in the summer. But a few of these patterns can take you straight into fall with a little layering. Loose and comfortable, each pattern has versatility for different occasions. 

My top 3 favs.

1. Olivette by Thea Coleman

This is my a favorite pattern from this book. I was initially thrown off by the simplicity of the name as most Thea Coleman patterns are named after cocktails. I imagine making this one in a powdery cotton, pairing it with dark jeans. My yarn of choice will be Azalea by Louisa Harding. It's a DK cotton yarn with a speckled variegation that won't take away from the lace work. Bonus-this pattern can be made as a regular top OR a tunic!

2.Windlass by Kiyomi Burgin


This is such a delicate design! This tank can be worn during the daytime with shorts, and easily taken to a night out with a skirt. The yarn suggested is Blue Sky Skinny Cotton, which is a breeze to work with. A light matte cotton yarn that will let the pattern speak volumes. 

3. Nouri by Carol Feller


The perfect knitted garment to throw on when the temps cool. A simple detailed comfy tunic. 

For summer- Faverito by SMC

For spring/fall- Maya or Remix by Berroco


June 08, 2016 — Maansi Shah